EPA’s Waste Tracker Creates More Opportunity for Haulers

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Waste services do not have to be a commodity. Rather than undercutting one another to win bids at the lowest price, haulers can offer services to position themselves above the median.

For example, haulers can help customers reach their environmental goals or provide analytics to help customers save money through their own waste management tactics, rather than having haulers cut prices on their own.

Haulers that want to differentiate their businesses in this way have a prime opportunity to do so, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent rollout of a waste and materials tracking feature for its Energy Star Portfolio Manager online platform.

Over 450,000 buildings, representing more than 40% of U.S. commercial space, already use the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to measure energy, water and greenhouse gas usage. Now, these buildings will easily able to track their waste too. So as more companies pay attention to this area, the more opportunities haulers gain to help them more efficiently and sustainably manage their waste.

With Grid Waste, haulers can offer clients customized, mobile-friendly data on waste collection, which complements the EPA’s tool well. As companies track their waste and materials usage through Energy Star Portfolio Manager, they can see how that aligns with their waste collection service. By comparing the two areas, customers can unlock insights that help them reach their goals.

For instance, a restaurant may find that increasing recycling pickups leads to better recycling rates internally, because they don’t have to deal with the logistical issues of having bags of recycling sitting around all week waiting to be picked up.

Businesses may also simply want to improve their sustainability to become better corporate citizens. So by tracking their own waste usage and how their haulers are handling that waste, they can gain assurance that they are meeting their environmental goals.

“Reducing waste at the source is the most environmentally preferred strategy,” writes the EPA in its announcement about the new feature.

Companies can also improve their bottom lines with better waste management. Recycling can actually be a revenue generator, and reducing regular waste can lower landfill costs. With collection reports through Grid Waste, haulers can give customers peace of mind that their trash collection is aligned with what they need for waste management to benefit them financially.

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